Tutorial – Using the RODE Smart Lav to capture better audio

Years ago I has corporate clients I would edit videos for. They wanted me to use Final Cut Pro and I did. This was version 7 and to be honest I enjoyed it. At the time I used both FCP and Adobe Premiere Pro, which wasn’t quite ready for the big time yet.

Flash forward. Adobe Premiere Pro is my go to editor. I am an Adobe Education Leader. I love this program. But… since creating the iOgrapher and really diving into workflows for video files that are created in the iPad or iPhone, I find myself testing out the new Final Cut X.

So at a recent dinner I had with an Apple Education engineer, who always teases me if I had gotten into FCX yet, I was shown a really cool tip. Capturing audio on the iPad with the iOgrapher and a shot gun mic, then using a lav mic to capture even better audio and then syncing it all together.

At first I thought that was a bit of work, why not just use a Sennheiser wireless kit. I was reminded that many schools cant afford an $800 mic kit. This made me think lets try the RODE Smart Lav+ and my iPhone 6 to capture the audio. I would set up the iOgrapher mini about 20 feet away and see if this all works! So I did.

And yes the audio is great. And yes the FCX workflow was super easy. My FCX friends are certainly enticing me to do more with the program Ill tell you that. I created a video tutorial to show you what I did. I hope you enjoy it and in inspires you to create some awesome content!

Life. Camera. Action.

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With the iOgrapher the world is your studio!

Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan

This was a great moment, the perfect day to begin my blog.

This morning I received a message on Facebook from Feroz Khan, a famous Bollywood choreographer. I had read about him on Apple’s website and just had to get the iOgrapher into his hands. Feroz is an iPad Air user and if I could just convince him that the iOgrapher would give him stability while filming I would feel like I had accomplished a goal.

Being a day one user of iPads I always found them incredibly hard to keep stable. That is the number one reason I created the iOgrapher Mobile Media Case!

So I took the liberty of reaching out to Feroz via Facebook. He didn’t know me from Adam. When I showed him how our cases worked and how I really wanted to send him one he was totally open to it. I was thrilled and sent it off to India!

I hadn’t heard from him. It was 30 days at least. Did he hate it? Did it get to him? Oh the stress!

This morning Feroz graciously got back to me via Facebook this morning. He sent incredible photos of shots he did on vacation.

Feroz on vacation

Feroz on vacation

And then this wonderful video.

iOgrapher – Choreographer Feroz Khan takes the iOgrapher for Air out for a spin! from David Basulto on Vimeo.

I am so incredibly humbled and can’t wait to see what else he creates.

The world is truly your studio.

Life. Camera. Action.